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Being Set Apart

Originally posted on Reverberate:
Have you heard of the phrase ‘You Are Set Apart’? I know I have, a lot.We all get excited by the thought that we are set apart [by God, for God]. Yeah it’s great, be excited. But most times we don’t really understand the full meaning of it. We float in…

Loving God, Losing The world

Originally posted on Reverberate:
…with each step you take towards God, you are a step farther from who you used to be. Before I became an active Christian there were so many things I was so intensely interested in (feel free to call it addiction, I’m only looking for a subtle way of calling it…

Think About what You’re Thinking About

Originally posted on Reverberate:
Most times we take for granted how much our thoughts shape us. We let ourselves be invaded by so many thoughts because we don’t seem to realise how they affect our daily lives. Most of us just “go with the flow” and just let things settle in our minds. Thinking about…

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